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Hair-Raising Shower Experience

If you’re getting your shampoo at the dollar store, you may need to sit down. Because we’re about to tell you about a great product that’s only available at the forty-dollar store.

Now don’t get us wrong, we know that’s a lot to pay for shampoo. But when it’s one as beneficial as OOKISA, you may give up your $39-a-month Sean Cody membership to make up the difference. (Though we’d probably skip a few meals rather than let that happen.)

Inspired by the obsession with beautiful hair in Asia and the Far East (did you know Tokyo has more hair salons than Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles combined?), OOKISA is dedicated to products that add volume, thickness and incredible luster. Sure, it’s not going to take you from Uncle Fester to Constantine Maroulis (how’s that for a random reference?), but it can make a visible difference in volume, all while clarifying and unclogging hair follicles.

And if that $40 price tag scares you, consider this: One bottle lasted us nearly six weeks. And that’s with us using it on at least one other part of our body to try to achieve greater volume, thickness and luster.

We’ll keep you posted on how well that’s working later.