Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

God Hates Fangs

Vampires love to suck. And, typically, so do remakes.

So, how excited were we that the updated Fright Night had us laughing with delight, jumping out of our seats and swooning over Colin Farrell as one of the sexiest vampires ever? Sorry, Team Pale-Faced, Fish-Lipped, Crazy Hair.

Fans of the original Fright Night (1985) will be pleased that the updated version stays true to the original, but brings it into 2011 with a few nice twists and additions (like killer special effects and pretty great 3-D). And even if you’ve never seen the first one, there’s only one scene that will leave you wondering why the audience is cheering. Otherwise, prepare for a funny, scary, well-crafted horror flick.

From screenwriter Marti Noxon, who wrote many of the best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes and took over as show runner when Joss Whedon left for other projects, it’s no wonder it has such a good vibe. This is a woman who knows her vampire lore and how to get a good laugh from characters in peril.

Another favorite of ours, Toni Collette adds a nice dash of legitimacy to the cast. Not that Imogen Poots doesn’t. (We guess Ima Trouserfarts was dismissed as too silly by the Screen Actor’s Guild name generator.)

But ultimately, it’s sexy, sexy, stick-your-fangs-wherever-you’d-like Farrell that gets our blood flowing. In this take on vampire physiology, it almost appears as if vampires get their fangs in moments of sexual arousal, teeth turning into long, pointed fangs to better enjoy the gratification of a nice, warm Bloody Mary. Or Bloody Mark. Or Bloody Ben.

Ultimately, Fright Night is a thoroughly entertaining film that will make you rush home, throw away all the garlic and crosses, and hope that a tall, dark stranger comes into your bedroom and gives you a life-changing hickey.

Rated R
106 minutes