Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gay Fellas In The Mist

The last time we had tea sprayed on our face, it was after telling a particularly racy joke about lesbian stilt walkers at a burrito cook-off. We made our friend laugh so hard he couldn’t keep his Tetley to himself. As refreshing as it was to have our head doused with ice-cold liquid, we seriously doubt if there were any redeeming cosmetic effects.

But now, we can spray away and reap the benefits of Maya Water Facial Mist, an energizing Norwegian Thermal Spa Water available in four varieties, including organic white tea, organic goji, organic acai and one they simply call “pure.”

Each spray can is filled with mineral-rich, pH-neutral water from Skogshorn, a beautiful mountain in Hemsedal, Norway. (And coincidentally, the same water source we insist all our ice cubes are made from here at home. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Scotch and Skogshorn.)

Maya Water is designed to absorb almost immediately into your skin, nourishing it with pure, simple water and a few select, natural anti-wrinkle ingredients. We use so many products, it would be impossible for us to tell if our smooth, baby-like skin is from the Maya Water, our daily facial cleanser, the whale’s penis sunscreen, the Dysport injections or the special lighting we require every time we make a public appearance.

What we do know is that Maya Water is now a permanent fixture in our travel bag. When touring the ancient ruins of Mexico, the lava-soaked rims of active volcanoes or simply sitting by the clothing-optional pools of Palm Springs, one little full-frontal spritz instantly cools us off, leaving our skin radiant looking in the process.

Try getting that from pouring a bottle of Evian on your head.

$27 – $32, depending on formula