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Points Well Taken

That pedometer you got free with your McDonald’s salad a few years ago? Throw it away. (And stop pretending you can eat healthy at the Golden Arches.)

There’s a new way to track your fitness and activity level that gives you more than just how many thousand steps you take in a day. Who can relate to that anyway?

The easyFIT device (from the Snap Fitness workout chain) measures the intensity of your activity, the duration, and calorie burn – all based on age, sex and weight data you input when you first set up the device. Rather than a complicated analysis, you simply get one easy-to-understand fitness score that increases the more you do and the harder you do it.

At the end of the day, if you’ve scored an “inactive” 0-9, well, you’re probably stuck on your sofa under piles of hoarded Cabbage Patch Dolls and unable to move. Every ten-point level increase puts you into a new, healthier category. There’s sedentary, heart health, weight loss and the ultimate goal, endurance.

The device connects to your computer and mysnapfitness.com to track your progress, as well as find workout routines, meal plans and more.

It’s borderline addictive to use, too. We found ourselves trying to get higher and higher point levels each day, which forced us to actually exert ourselves more than normal. Our goal everyday was to get a nice, respectable 69.

And achieve that point level, too.

$59.00 with a Snap Fitness gym membership
$99.00 without