Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Deeper Shade of Sol

Living in Dallas for so long, we get used to artificial these-and-those. Tits. Teeth. Bionic livers. (Our 3-year trial is off to a great start!)

But there’s one fake thing that rarely passes as real: sunless tanning. Bronzing your body in a tanning bed is like a one-way express ticket to Skin Cancer City, with a layover in Orangeville.

The results of those carwash-style misting systems that cover you uniformly are no better.

The only other alternative is air-brush tanning, which in the hands of a skilled professional is actually quite remarkable. But getting to a salon and keeping from ruining your tan on the sweaty ride home can make that proposition dicey. Not to mention inconvenient.

Now set aside all those fears, thanks to the Sunless Diva. (Not to be confused with our other favorite, The Dallas Diva.) Inspired by family members who were diagnosed with skin cancer, the company’s owners set out to find a natural-looking alternative to sun tanning.

They offered us a chance to try out the service, but we swim daily and that’s murder on a spray tan. So we requested the help of one of Gay List Daily’s most porcelain-skinned fans and let her put the Sunless Diva to the test.

The final result was amazing (and trust us, we saw every nook, cranny and nippy of before-and-afterness). She was thrilled that her tan indeed looked more natural than her salon experiences, plus it didn’t smell bad or rub off on the sheets overnight.

Best of all? The Sunless Diva comes to you. Your home, office or the back alley behind S4 for an emergency, pre-Night of Dancing tan touch-up. She even does tanning parties where you can get your tan for free by just having at least three other people there. And their price drops further once that group goes over 6.

So for a sun-kissed glow without the risk, let the Diva do your dermis.

$50 per full-body tan per person at your location (price drops the more people at one location)
Click here for full pricing options

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