Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

PB & Gays


We have to admit, when we were invited to visit the Steel City for Gay Pride in June, we didn’t know what to expect. The town hasn’t ever had the best reputation as a cosmopolitan mecca, but we are ecstatic to report that Pittsburgh is officially one of our favorite destinations in the United States.

We can’t wait to go back. (Seriously.)

So forget anything negative you’ve ever heard about the city. That’s all in the past like so many smoke-filled lungs. Pittsburgh has a new attitude and has transitioned well into the 21st century as an amazing metropolis with a vibrant culture, a huge gay scene and gorgeous natural beauty. (And we’re not just talking about the porn stars at the party our first night.)

Perhaps we were asleep during the Pittsburgh portion of our geography classes, but we knew so little about the place that we were amazed by how stunning it is. Surrounded by mountains, rolling hills and abundant rivers, it’s brimming with as much green goodness as it is American history.

As the setting for the U.S. Queer As Folk, it’s a given that the city has a thriving nightlife and abundance of homos. Though were a little sad Sharon Gless wasn’t around to serve us pie, there were so many other things to keep us occupied, we hardly noticed.

From delicious food and signature Pittsburgh staples, like Primanti Bros. sandwiches, we ate like queens. The Omni William Penn Hotel is centrally located and the rooms are humongous. Within the city and for miles in any direction, there are so many great attractions, we feel like we barely skimmed the highlights.

So next time you’re trying to think of a new destination for a long weekend or a full seven days of adventure, add Pittsburgh to the top of your list. We finally know, along with Brad, that this is one of our all-time favorite Pitts.


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