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Drip Off The Old Block

Going into business with your father can be a tricky prospect. (Just ask Jesus.)

But the divine inspiration for the father-son team of Mark and Jesse Gordon was getting people great coffee, one cup at a time – without the expense of a specialty single-cup coffeemaker and its specially designed pods, or the much lower quality of an instant java powder.

By combining the highest quality Arabica beans with an innovative design, Dr. Drip was born. Each pack comes with a self-contained brewing system that sets atop any coffee cup. Simply pour boiling water into the coffee-filled filter and it brews right before your eyes.

Can’t wait for that caffeine fix? Balance a Dr. Drip filter pack in your mouth and have a friend pour the hot water directly over the coffee grounds. Scalded tongue aside, what could be more convenient?

The packaging is all compostable and biodegradable, too, so it’s as good for the earth as it is your morning energy level. But the best part is that Dr. Drip coffee tastes full-bodied and flavorful with that wonderful fresh-brewed aroma that’s as much about the coffee-drinking experience as the liquid lava itself. We were even able to get two full size cups out of one drip pack without sacrificing the quality or richness of the brew.

Available in four custom blends, a fresh-brewed cup of coffee is now easier to get than ever. And just think of the money you’ll save by ordering hot water at your local diner and sneaking out your Dr. Drip when the waitress isn’t looking. It’s coffee on the down-low!

One may still be the loneliest number, but thanks to Dr. Drip, at least it’s not thirsty.

$8.99 for 5 Single Cup Drip Packs