Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cheers To The Ex

Labor Day Weekend is upon us. And that means one thing: we won’t be laboring one bit. In fact, we’re dead set on doing as little as gayly possible. Construction was just completed on our 76-foot-long straw that spans the distance from the kitchen to the pool without the need to ever get out of the deep end for a refill.

And what’s on the other end of our super straw? Why, Exclusiv Vodka, of course. We know, we know. It’s every other week that we have a new favorite vodka, but this one’s really special. It’s very highly rated (gold-medal-winning, in fact). And it’s cheap!

Created from the lush wheat fields of Moldova (not to be confused with Moldavia, site of our all-time favorite Dynasty cliffhanger), this is a vodka with real character. The relatively new country, once under Russian rule for 200 years, obviously knows a thing or two about creating vodka. That’s the one advantage of being controlled by Russians. And maybe how to tie a babushka. Or the art of squeezing 18 frickin’ dolls into one big one.

The flavor of Exclusiv is crisp and fresh, perfect for mixing or simply enjoying on the rocks with a twist. But for our weekend of floating in the pool, we think a gallon of cranberry juice and a 750ml of Exclusiv will tide us over for at least six hours at a time.

Seven if the straw falls out of our mouth.

Available online for as low as $9.99 for 750ml.