Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Can't Hartley Wait

Patience may be a virtue, but there’s something to be said for immediate gratification. It’s the reason we often eat dessert first. Fast-forward to see who gets kicked off Project Runway each week. Or skip foreplay and head right to post-coital regret.

So here we’ve been, waiting for weeks to tell you about a new book we love, but its availability on iTunes keeps getting delayed. It is, however, already released for Kindle and in something from the thirteenth century called “paperback.” As much as we love reading books on our iPad and any chance to promote something that might promote our beloved, buzz-starved Apple, Inc., we can no longer keep silent.

Much like the author of When Nightlife Falls.

For Derek Hartley, co-host and non-lettuce half of  “Derek and Romaine,” a wildly popular talk show on Sirius XM’s OutQ Channel 108, any story worth telling should be equal parts hilarious and embarrassing. Human nature forces us to crave the dirt on others, a trait scientifically linked to the part of the brain that makes us keep up with Kardashians.

His stories take the reader all over the island of Manhattan with frequent detours into the sarcastic recesses of his delightfully twisted mind. One line from an early chapter describes him perfectly. “…my personality is like the fingers of Edward Scissorhands: a ton of fun until you get sliced.”

And slice he does. But motivated by love and compassion. Like Nancy Grace.

Even though he’s a popular gay celebrity thanks to his radio show and other media whoring, his tales are immensely relatable, whether it’s the stress of buying a house or the even bigger stress of throwing an elaborate theme party. Hartley deftly paints vivid pictures of his life, expertly blending neuroses and insightful observations with a dazzling abundance of wit and charm.

He’s the sassy gay friend everybody wants. Because unlike real life, you can always turn the page (or close the file) if you’ve had enough.

$9.95 digital, $19.95 paperback
Purchase at amazon.com or through Derek’s website