Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hail Mary, Full of Pepper

Ask any of our friends. We’re not big on souvenirs. Unless we’re suffering from the occasional vacation case of Alcoheimers and we forget everything after drinking, our memories are our best take-homes from any trip.

Yet this summer, there was one item at the Warhol Museum gift shop in Pittsburgh that we absolutely had to buy. It’s not available on the museum’s web store and because they’ve been around awhile, it’s been difficult to find a companion to our original purchase. But fortunately we’ve tracked the items down on another site in England for anyone who shares our passion for creating controversy at church potlucks.

Without further ado, we proudly present the must-have accessories for every kitschin’ cabinet: Mary or Jesus salt and pepper grinders. All that’s missing is a Joseph olive oil bottle to create the holy trinity of flavor foundations for just about any culinary creation.

Our favorite part is that these conversation starters are every bit as practical as they are beautiful. Available in black, chrome, white or pink, they’re a fun way to infuse any old meal with a little New Testament.

Starting at $23.02 plus shipping
(or visit Pittsburgh and stop by the Warhol Museum for your favorite)

Maria Grinders
Jesus Grinders