Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Stranger Danger No More

As gay men, we’re used to buying women’s products. Cleavage glitter. Extra-strength Midol. Playgirl. After all, sometimes things meant for the boobier sex are just as beneficial to a savvy gay man.

And when said savvy gay man walks home late at night through dark alleys and shadowy parks, we sometimes need a little personal protection. But carrying our Hello Kitty AK-47 often draws more trouble than it averts. So we’ve opted for something a little more discreet.

The ila Dusk Personal alarm can be carried as a key ring, attached to a messenger bag or simply stowed in your pocket. If rough trade approaches, simply pull the chain. (The alarm’s, not his.)

A piercing 130dB alarm will send him running for the bushes. Not just because it’s loud, but because it replicates an excruciatingly frantic female scream (which we’re capable of on our own, just not at this volume level). Research shows that more people will respond to a woman yelling for help than a standard alarm, so it could be one sound that could save your life.

Or get you kicked out of church for pulling it during the morning prayer.

ila Dusk Personal Alarm
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