Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Glow In The Bark

Walking a dog at night typically requires wearing a miner’s helmet, carrying a fully lit Christmas tree and spraying our dog with glow-in-the-dark paint before each journey. Not only is that costly and time-consuming, the children of the neighborhood are now deathly afraid of the Christmas Tree Monster and his evil glowing dog.

Thankfully, the good people over at The Pup Crawl turned us on to a better solution for those late-night strolls. It’s called the Lights-Up Leash and it’s what all the cool dogs are wearing to the circuit parties and raves these days.

The leash lights up in a solid stream of LED lights, or as a flashing disco dance up and down its six-foot length. It comes in seven fashion colors (including a very gay pink) to match your pup’s collar, outfit or custom fur dye-job.

Besides the ability to help troubled aircraft land safely, purchases of The Pup Crawl Leash also assist animals in danger. By donating $3 from each leash sold to local animal rescue and shelter organizations, including Pets for Life NYC and more than 350 other organizations in 46 states, The Pup Crawl is helping save animals’ lives.

And getting our photograph off the Neighborhood Watch’s most-wanted list.

$25, plus $2.99 shipping
$3 goes directly to animal rescue organizations