Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Four On The Pore

We finally figured out why we love organic. Drop the “ic” and you’ve got one of our favorite words in the world.

(Yes, we’ve long had a thing for church music.)

But we also like the word organic because just about anything you put after it means you’re getting better quality. Take Organic Male OM4. Not only do we love a man that’s not synthetic, we also love these skincare products.

The four-step system may sound like a lot of work (like foreplay), but it’s also what you need to truly make your skin radiant. The company founder, Michael Bruggeman, puts it best. Would you mix oil, water, antifreeze and gas to use in every system in your car? (Well, we’re so technically illiterate that we just might, but the answer is NO.)

So they’ve created a wonderful group of products for all types of skin – sensitive, oily, normal and dry. We use sensitive. Not because of our skin, but because we’re very delicate emotionally.

The four steps are as follows: 1. Wash. 2. Balance. 3. Bioactivate. 4. Defend.

Specially formulated for the male skin, OM4 products smell as great as they work. Their slogan is “4 Products, 4 Steps, 4 Minutes, 4 Men” which means we need just three of you studs out there to come over now. But we will need more than four minutes.

Products start at $10 up to $170 for the full four-step system
Available at www.oandncollective.com
Complete line details at om4men.com