Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

When Fashion & Eco Collide

Driving past a head-on collision a few months ago, we thought, “What could we make out of the wreckage that would be fashionable, environmentally friendly, and not the least bit in bad taste?” Turns out, besides the pole-dancing industry, there’s not much of a market for Shattered Windshield Sparkle Thongs.

Our dreams were crushed. Just like the front ends of those two Toyotas.

But then, we discovered that somebody had taken the same inspiration and created something as practical as it is whimsical. It’s the Airbag Tote!

Created from used airbags (blood and makeup carefully removed), these all-purpose totes are super lightweight. Plus, they also feature a seatbelt strap and a base made from used bicycle tire tubes. (We won’t even try to figure out what happened to the poor cyclist who gave up his tire for the greater fashion good.)

At approximately 15” x 11”, this bag is ideal for travel and even big enough to hold certain laptops. Best of all, the entire bag is made of 99% recycled and reclaimed materials. (Just like Bruce Jenner.)

Sure, we can’t always be the best-dressed person at every event. But with the Airbag Tote on our shoulder, we can be guaranteed that our biggest fashion statement happened entirely by accident.