Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

What A Pear!

Ever since the government replaced the Food Pyramid with the far-less-confusing Food Plate, we’ve been trying to find ways to get in our daily allowance of all the important food groups.

We get our grains from CornNuts, our dairy from Activia (Jamie Lee says so), our protein from Jack in the Box tacos, and our vegetables from giving BJs to vegetarians. But the one category that always falls short at the end of the day is our fruit intake. (We’ve always found eating fruits to be rather cannibalistic.)

So where else could we turn to fill up that vital portion of our plate? Smoothies are so 2001. Sunny D makes us hurl. And eating actual apples, peaches or other whole fruits requires too much chewing. (Recreational lockjaw is no laughing matter.)

That leaves us with only one option: Fruity booze! Xanté, our newest alcoholic discovery, is a liqueur jam-packed with the delectable essence of Belgian pears, blended with vanilla and a dutifully matured cognac. Cognac is far from our liquor of choice, but when we were covertly slipped a bottle of Xanté at a cocktail party (sponsored by a rival liquor company, no less), we couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Ducking under the table to sneak a sip, we discovered its deliciousness.

We probably couldn’t drink it every day, but the lush flavors comingle splendidly for a sublime after-dinner drink. Don’t go crazy, just chill it and serve it up in a martini glass or pour it on the rocks.

Sip. Swallow. Repeat.

$39.99 retail, 750ml
Get it online for $34.99 at BevMo!


(Be sure to check out their ads featuring hot shirtless men.)