Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Kristin Coalition

We’re pretty familiar with stereotypes. So, we know darn well that some are true (yes, our wrists are eerily limp) and others are false (no, we’d survive just fine without nightly orgies).

That means we have to be equally forgiving of our perceived stereotypes of Christians (close-minded) and country music fans (cousin-humpin’ hillbillies). They can be easy targets of our sass, but every once in a while we’re reminded that, like a newly purchased mattress, labels are meant to be removed.

Our reminder this time comes in the form of a 4-foot-11 singing dynamo named Kristin Chenoweth. Perhaps you’ve heard of her. Glee? Wicked? Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue?

We’ve always loved Kristin, but even more after an interview where she talked about being able to be a Christian and still love and celebrate people of all stripes (even rainbow ones). Being gay, according to Chenoweth, is not a sin. Isn’t that kind of love what Christianity is all about?

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get all philosophical on you. We just think she’s a genuinely amazing performer – and human being. And thanks to her new album, Some Lessons Learned, we think we might just be country music fans, too. (Or more accurately, Chenoweth music fans.)

The versatile songstress belts out everything from heart-wrenching ballads to bluegrass and boot-scootin’ jamboree anthems. We like the faster country songs, personally, but the slow (banjo) jams are growing on us.

It was only about three songs into the CD before we said to ourselves, “Gay List, this girl’s channeling Dolly Parton!” Lo and behold, the fourth track kicks in and out of our Dolby surround speakers pours one of our favorite songs ever: “What Would Dolly Do?” Shorthand, of course, is WWDD, which takes the joke one step further in its pronunciation. Dubbya Dubbya Double-D.

Country songs with tit jokes. Does it really get any better?

$11.98 CD, $12.99 on iTunes