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Spandex Ballet

Stretching is vitally important to prevent injury before working out. It’s also essential for keeping your bulge looking big and your booty rockin’ tight. That’s where our good friend Spandex is part of every panty party in our pants.

In fact, it’s hard to even imagine the days when we purchased underwear that didn’t contain at least a little bit of the stretchy stuff sewn right in for the sake of enhancing our best features. (When you’re wearing nothing but your underwear, nobody’s paying attention to your sparkling personality and expansive vocabulary.)

So we’re always on the hunt for briefs and trunks that are as provocative as they are comfortable. And our Underwear of the Month pick for September fits the bill perfectly. Introducing the new Luxe line from one of our favorite designers, Baskit.

Made of 95% modal cotton and 5% spandex, it’s sexy, form-fitting and just plain fun. We wish everything in our wardrobe were this soft and comfy.

We gave a pair to Christopher, one of our Gay List Guinea Pigs, and he echoed our praise of the fabric. He’s got big, muscular thighs of steel and the Baskit trunk accommodated them with ease.

Best of all, they’re so flattering that any man would look good in these. Though few can compare to model Billy Dortch (pictured above) from the latest Baskit photo shoot. Sure, he’s sexy, lean and just a little bit dangerous looking, but we think of him as a cuddly mama kangaroo.

Because his pouch is filled with something that makes us ooooh and aaaah for hours.

$21 to $25

Use promo code BILLY15 (in honor of our kangaroo friend) and save 15% off your order.

Want to win a free pair? We’ve got extras! Send us your name, address and phone number via our Contact Us
page, as well as your underwear size, and we’ll randomly select a few lucky recipients. Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, September 21, 2011.



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