Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Magic Gay Ball

It’s hard to know who to ask for good advice these days.

Dr. Laura’s a racist, anti-gay bitch. Dear Abby’s dead. And every time we go to confessional, we end up getting a handie through the curtain.

But now thanks to technology, innovation and a lot of makeup, we can put away the Oujia board and get the answers to our deepest questions thanks to a new smartphone app.

The “Ask Some Drag Queens” application features a trio of sassy gals from the House of LeMay: Amber, Margaurite and Lucy Belle. Simply ask a question, touch a drag queen and get a response. Typically a yes or no question gets an appropriate response.

But not always.

“Will we make a million dollars next year?” we asked.

“Everything tastes better with cheese!” was Margaurite’s sage advice.

Perhaps it’s a clue that we’re going to inherit a mozzarella empire. Or a sign that we should just laugh along with these lovely ladies and not rest our hopes and dreams on a man in panty hose.

10% of all profits donated to
I’m Too Young for This! Cancer Foundation

Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Droid devices