Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Like. Poke. Share. (Even Make Phone Calls!)

Burrito Supreme. Nachos BellGrande. 44-ounce Cuervo on the rocks.” – 6 hours ago via mobile.

Checked in at Betty Ford Clinic. I’m the mayor!” – 5 hours, 45 minutes ago via FourSquare.

Just walked in on a friend taking a poop! LOL.” – 7 minutes ago.

If you’re one of those people who updates your Facebook status more frequently than you blink, we’ve found the smartphone of your dreams. The Android 2.3 platform HTC Status was created with social media in mind.

The home touchscreen is loaded with icons that update messages from Facebook, e-mail, text and voice calls in real time. At a glance, you know what everyone in your social circle is doing (even things you may have never known you needed to know). And if that’s not fast enough, there’s even a dedicated Facebook button right on the phone for speed-of-light check-ins, status updates and more.

One of the coolest features is how the HTC Status makes you look like a concerned, caring friend without any effort whatsoever. When a friend calls, before you even pick up the phone it displays her current profile pic, status update and can even tell you if an important life event (birthday, alien abduction anniversary) is imminent.

“Hi, Robin! How was the free pap smear at the grocery store?”

She’ll marvel at how interested you are in her every move (or spread).

But other features on this phone make it fun to use, too. Take great 5-megapixel photos and high-quality videos (including a front-facing camera). Or make sure your teeth aren’t filled with poppy seeds and pubes with the Mirror app. Built-in photo and video filters can add extra personality to your latest profile pic or YouTube sensation, too.

Indeed, smartphones are getting smarter. And Facebook is getting Facebookier.

All we can do is relax, breathe deeply and take it all in.

$399.99 (without a contract)
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