Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


To create the perfect man, it takes equal parts charm, sex appeal, musical talent – and a body we want to lick for weeks. Tour as the opening act for Erasure and we’ll be putty in his hands. Soft, horny putty.

That perfect man just very well may be 25-year-old Vincent Frank, more commonly known as Frankmusik. The sexy singer’s first full-length album, Do It in the AM, dropped yesterday and bounced right into our CD player. It’s really funny because coincidentally, our personal favorite time to do it is also in the a.m.! (He is talking about making toast, right?). The album is jammed with electronic soul and lyrics that will get anyone on the dance floor chanting and jumping.

Frankmusik made a name for himself doing remixes for the likes of Lady Gaga and the Pet Shop Boys, so this guy knows his way around a remixalator.

The title track, “Do It in the AM” is the one we played over and over, but we genuinely enjoyed every song. Another track featuring one of our recent new loves, Natalia Kills, is also faboosh.

But mostly, we’ve spent our time since receiving this album pretending we’re part of his entourage in his latest music video. We can do the yo-yo-yo with our hands with the best of them.

So call us, Vincent. We can make you a star.

Or at least a morning-after omelet.

$13.50 CD
$7.99 on iTunes

With your album purchase, register at frankmusik.com for a free bonus track every week until Christmas!