Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Another Big Gay March

Human hair was only the beginning.

When Project Runway Season 4 finalist Chris March presented a garment adorned with real hair, it was shocking, hilarious and the perfect manifestation of the reality competition’s most unpredictable and flamboyant contestant ever. And now that he has his own show, prepare for a day in the very near future when Lady Gaga’s meat dress will seem tame and boring by comparison.

Premiering tomorrow night on Bravo, Mad Fashion unites larger-than-life March with a team of talented professionals ready to help him turn any crazy idea into wearable reality. (It’s like Ace of Cakes with frocks instead of frosting.)

Each 30-minute episode focuses on one demanding client who hires March to create a garment that allows her to make a splashy entrance, fulfill a fantasy or simply make jaws drop as she walks by.

Because in March’s world, fashion is never so boring that you leave a trick’s hotel room in the wrong shoes and don’t realize the mistake until you’re back at home. If March had designed them (or anything for that matter), there’d be no mistaking whose were whose and you’d never have to endure that embarrassing walk of shame (to the UPS Store to ship back the shoes).

And unless you’re at a PETA gala, there’d be little chance of running into somebody else wearing a dress made of carrots.

Originality is March’s key to success, but so is being ready-made for TV. His gift for high-camp creativity and side-splitting one-liners makes him one of the most endearing characters of the current television season. He’s one guy ready to make over the boob tube, one gigantic tit at a time.

“Mad Fashion” premieres tomorrow night on Bravo
10:00 p.m./9:00 p.m. Central