Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Saved By The Andy Bell

Something great has happened in our lives every time an Erasure album comes out.

When Wild! debuted in 1989, we were just learning to crawl.

For Chorus in 1991, we swam from Cuba to Florida for the first time.

And in conjunction with 1997’s Cowboy, we commenced our worldwide Up with People tour where we were discovered by Madonna and hired to give her lessons in Exuberant Smiling for the Stage.

Today, the synthpop duo of Vince Clarke and gay signer Andy Bell hits U.S. stores. Tomorrow’s World marks Erasure’s 14th release (not including greatest hits compilations) and we can’t wait to find out what amazing life event is in store for us.

A new hybrid limousine with Jacuzzi? The cover of Cat Fancy? Or maybe a Bel Ami slumber party?

Until we discover our fate, we’re happy to pass the time listening to the new album. Admittedly, it’s not our favorite Erasure album of all time and it took us a couple of listen-throughs to really enjoy it, but that said, we’re in love once again with these guys.

Our favorite songs are “Be With You” and the album’s first single, “When I Start To (Break It All Down).” They both have that signature Erasure sound that has been part of our life’s Big Gay Soundtrack for decades. We can’t even begin to name how many times we’ve had sex to one of their songs (including “Love to Hate You”).

So, as long as Erasure keeps putting out albums, we’ll keep putting out.

Something we definitely can’t say for Susan Boyle.

Erasure: ‘Tomorrow’s World’
Released today
Deluxe Edition $12.99 on iTunes