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Hands Free WYSIWYG

What You See Is What You Get.

If you see this line on a dating web site, keep on clickin’. It probably means big trouble. However, in the world of technology, WYSIWYG can be a vitally important feature.

A new product called Looxcie (pronounced Look-See) is about to forever change the way you multi-task, as well as bring WYSIWYG to a whole new level. It’s a Bluetooth device for making and receiving phone calls, but also an innovative video camera that records exactly what you’re seeing at the moment, from your perspective.

The benefit? You never have to experience the world stuck behind a video camera.

You know these people. You’ve seen them on vacations and feel sorry for them. (Heck, you’ve probably even been one of them before.) Rather than enjoying the moment, they’re too concerned with capturing the event for posterity. Not only are they missing out on life, they’re annoying everyone behind them with the glowing camera screen.

Looxcie, on the other hand, works in conjunction with smartphone apps (iPhone and Android), where you can monitor what you’re filming and even share clips via your social networks. Or simply connect the Looxcie to a computer via USB and transfer high-quality video.

There’s no light source (unless you wear a miner’s helmet), so videos turn out best in good lighting situations (like strolling through the locker room pretending to be on an important call). Looxcie even has dozens of attachments and accessories so you can get first-person video while doing the things you love best: riding roller coasters, naked bungee jumping or competitive bargain-hunting at the mall.

Just promise us one thing. When you’re not recording video or making a call, take the darn thing off. Nobody looks cool wearing a Bluetooth device in his ear 24/7. Because then what everyone else sees is exactly what they get: one giant dork.

Starting at $119