Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bald & Beautiful

Since the first firing neurons of intelligent thought in human beings, there’s been a very basic question that has burdened philosophers and scholars for millennia whenever meeting a new person: Does the carpet match the drapes?

It’s generally assumed that if you’re blonde on top, then you’re blonde below the waist. Tall, dark and handsome? Usually means short, dark and curly. Same for brunettes.

Yet every once in a while there’s a shocker, like a dark-haired man with a bright-orange pumpkin patch (see: Adam Lambert, whose dye-job disguises his true roots.)

Then what about bald guys? They’re the true wild card. But now, their linoleum can match their mini-blinds thanks to the new Essential Private Body Shaver from Mangroomer.  Smooth as a marble from head to toe.

We extoled the virtues of Mangroomer’s revolutionary back trimmer last year, but they’ve expanded their product line to include additional trimmers and shavers that now allow men to groom every inch of their body (even inside the nose and ear).

Whether you want the full Kojak Krotch, or just a buzzed Private Ryan for your privates, this one handy device does it all.

The rechargeable Private Body Shaver works wet or dry, and has five adjustable settings to get just the right length. Mix-and-match and create a fun pattern like this, for that real WOW factor!

And because it has no exposed blades, this shaver is safe enough to use anywhere on your body – even what those of us with English degrees affectionately call “dangling participles.”

So, whether your carpet matches your drapes or not, there’s always time for a little exterior redecorating. Or what retailers affectionately call “curb appeal.”

Mangroomer Essential Private Shaver: $39.99
Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer: $14.99
Do-it-Yourself Back Hair Shavers: $34.99 – $49.99