Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Slippery When Slippery

Take a moment and look around the room. What do you see that’s dry? Could be an elbow. A piece of toast. Your great grandmother.

Now think how much better things are when they’re moisturized and lubricated. What a beautiful image!

Well, we recently received a sample of a great product called Aloe Cadabra and we just can’t stop using it. (Some might even call it an addiction.) Morning. Noon. Rush hour traffic. Any chance we get to put a dollop in our hand and get things slippery and wet.

We’re not sure what they could possibly be marketing it for, but we’ve found that its uses are practically endless.

We slather it on our balls before every pitch in our weekly softball game. Sure makes the batters crazy when they swing and miss!

At home, we like to rub it on our knob and give it that extra shine that makes guests take notice when they come a-calling.

And even though it doesn’t taste great, it’s completely natural, 95% organic aloe vera and 100% edible. So, if it’s been a while since we’ve been to the grocery store it’s absolutely perfect for squirting on a wiener or right between two buns. (Mustard’s so boring.)

Best of all, it stays moist without ever getting gooey or sticky. And it’s completely safe for latex, so feel free to slip on some gloves and massage a baby arm. It really helps those little guys sleep!

Of course, if that’s not enough to convince you how great this magic product really is, it comes with a full endorsement from one Mr. Harry Johnson, and you know how much he loves things slick and juicy.

So, how will you use Aloe Cadabra? We’re sure the ideas will start popping up very soon.

$9.95 (with a money-back guarantee!)
Available in aloe vera, French lavender, and Tahitian vanilla