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Girls Just Wanna Have Blues

There are certain superstars that captivate us with their every move: Madonna. Lady Gaga. Jodie Sweetin, the middle child from Full House.

But there are few celebrities we obsess over more than Cyndi Lauper. She’s proven herself as more than just a one-trick pop princess from the ’80s, tackling new genres with style and sophistication. Her work as an LGBT advocate has also made her one of the gay community’s most beloved icons.

Today, her newest DVD releases and it’s a stunner. She’s an incredibly soulful live performer as it is, but throw in a heavy dose of blues and To Memphis with Love is one of the greatest shows from her 25-plus years in the business. Interspersed with interviews, rehearsal footage and narration by Lauper, this is an intimate concert film that reveals much more than what a simple live performance filmed for a quick sale ever could. We learn of her early exposure to blues and how it has shaped who she’s been since starting her career.

Classic songs in the skillful hands of Lauper completely transcend the notion of “cover tune.” Far from content to simply imitate the originals, she adds her own vibe that opens up a whole new world of music without alienating her most casual fans.

By the time you get to the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun finale, complete with harmonica riffs, blaring horns and a full-on blues guitar, we dare you not to love her more than ever.

$12.99 DVD (includes bonus CD of music from the film) at amazon.com

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