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Time To Water Your Clock

Think of how our homes could be revolutionized if batteries were suddenly obsolete.

It seems like every day there’s a remote control going kaput. A smoke alarm chirping that it needs juice. Or a certain vibrating mechanism that just sits there like a plastic cucumber immobilized without its 9-volt lifeblood.

But what if Kevin Costner’s dream came true and a different kind of water world became our reality?

When it comes to H2O-powered devices, one company has really made a splash. Bedol is known in many circles for its innovative, well-designed products (many of them eco-friendly), but it’s their new Wink Water Clock that really caught our attention.

Sleek and colorful, these clocks run on nothing more than regular old tap water. One fill keeps the clock going for a full six months. And, of course, it features a daily (or hourly) alarm function so it can easily replace the power-hogging electric alarm clock you already own.

Sure, switching to a water clock may not make a huge dent in your monthly utility bill, but when something’s as functional as it is novel, why not? Besides, who hasn’t awakened in the middle of the night a little thirsty? Just grab your clock and sip!

But what we’re most excited about is the fact that every small step leads to new innovations. It may start with an alarm clock, but soon we could be enjoying the benefits of water-powered disco balls, rollercoasters and passenger space shuttles.

You know, all of life’s most important pleasures.