Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

He Croons, We Swoon

Back in the 1940s, Frank Sinatra was actually pretty hot. And we mean physically. His voice has always been dreamy, but most of us remember him more as the idol of wrinkle queens everywhere, not some verile young stud.

Today, his music still stirs something inside us, but it’s nice to now have a hot gay man singing his most famous songs to really get us in the mood for a nice martini and a juicy McRib. (We were once hypnotized in a stage show and now every time we hear “Luck Be A Lady,” we crave processed meats. It’s a living hell.)

But we digress. Michael Feinstein has helped bring great musical standards to a whole new generation thanks to his signature project, The Great American Songbook, and more recently his tribute to the Sinatra legacy in a CD called The Sinatra Project. Here we are a couple years later and he’s just released The Sinatra Project, Vol II: The Good Life. And we love it.

Not only are his interpretations of these classic tunes remarkable, he’s definitely a guy living a very good life himself. He’s handsome, he’s had a wildly successful career, and he married his longtime partner back in 2008. But none of that makes us jealous. What does make us lime-green with envy is that his marriage was officiated by none other than our goddess, Judge Judy. Man, we want to be famous-gay some day.

But we digress again. If you want to bring a little surefire romance into your life, play a few of these songs. Sure, most of them are about women, but we can still pretend he’s singing directly to us.

Which actually isn’t that difficult because we’ve been called both a lady, and a tramp. Just today, in fact.

$14.27 CD at amazon.com
$9.99 on iTunes