Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mary Little Christmas

In anticipation of the rapidly approaching holiday season, we have a charity we’d like to encourage you to help. It’s an organization that really needs all of us to save it from extinction. They do great work (most of the time), make house calls, and often know our deepest, darkest secrets.

And we’re always suckers for a pith helmet.

Yes, this year we’re doing everything we can to help save the U.S. Post Office. We tried to come up with a catchy name like Toys for Tots, but focus groups tell us that Stamps for Tramps sends the wrong message. (They clearly haven’t met our route carrier, Karla.)

But we’re not going to let the lack of an official name, or any organizational structure for that matter, stop us from our mission. So we implore you, this year, send real greeting cards through the mail. Not those animated e-cards that clog up people’s inboxes. Clog up their mailboxes instead.

We’ve found the perfect cards to do it, too. Introducing Holiday Collection 2011 from 10percent.com. They’ve got some of the sassiest cards we’ve ever seen and you know how the old slogan goes – “when you care enough to send the very gayest.”

From sexy half-naked men to Santa Claus in various forms of pop-culture drag, there’s something for every sense of humor. Even blasphemous religious cards. Ho ho ho!

And just so your friends with a little more class (or a larger stick up their butts) don’t feel left out, there are plenty of tasteful, sophisticated options, too.

Somewhere, a circle jerk of angels is crying.

$16.95 – $19.95 per set