Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Please Sir, S'more?

Careful not to get too close to the fire, dears. That S’more in your hand may taste great, but it’s also highly explosive – at least if you’re doing it correctly.

Yes, just in time for holiday merrymaking, Smirnoff has come out with two sinfully sweet vodkas that will liven up everything from Thanksgiving dessert to that dull office party your boyfriend’s dragging you to for the third year in a row (and still no raise).

The Fluffed Marshmallow and Whipped Cream flavors are great because unlike some flavored vodkas, these can be mixed with just about anything and still taste delicious. You can’t say the same for sour apple, grape or watermelon, that’s for sure.

We did our usual taste test and tried each of the flavors on the rocks to get to their true essence. And though we admit we can’t really tell them apart too easily, the toasted marshmallow does have a teeny bit of smokiness that makes it a little more complex than the whipped cream.

That said, we think they both make for nice sippers on their own. They’re very sweet and creamy without any added mixers at all, so a quick moment in a shaker of ice, a chilled glass and you’ve got a one-ingredient holiday cocktail that everyone will love.

Or add to coffee or cocoa for a little something to warm your soul and the cockles of your heart.

Because nobody likes a cold cockle.

$12.99, 750ml