Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Violence – With A Catchy Chorus

There are few times in our life when we’ve been excited to see a woman with her legs in the air, but West Side Story is definitely one of those rare occasions. When those proud-to-be-American girls (above) kick up their heels and show off their frilly pantaloonies, it stirs something deep inside us.

And now, we have an ever better chance of spotting Rita Moreno’s Camel-T thanks to a newly restored, high-definition Blu-ray to celebrate the classic film’s 50th anniversary.

This limited edition collector’s set features a two-disc Blu-ray with tons of extras, a regular old-fashioned DVD of the film and a tribute CD so you can crank up the volume on your car stereo when that “pretty, witty and gay” line comes up. (It’s the song we play at stoplights as we rev our engines to intimidate the thugs we’re about to street race.)

There’s even a photo book if you can’t get your fill with moving pictures alone.

But what made us totally geek out is a special feature with cast members and contemporary industry professionals discussing the film’s most famous dance sequences. It’s truly fascinating. In another compelling extra, lyricist Stephen Sondheim gives his own unique insight on each of the film’s songs.

So, if you love West Side Story like most gays love West Side Story, this is easily the most important day of your life.

Buy it now. Or meet us under the highway and we’ll settle this with switchblades.

Released today
MSRP $29.99
$16.99 at www.amazon.com