Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Artsy Without The Fartsy

Purchasing artwork can be a really stuffy experience. It often involves old people wearing monocles and talking with fake British accents while discussing the artist’s motivation to cover a large white canvas with raccoon fur, used condoms and pieces of shrimp with tiny Kelly Clarkson faces.

Procuring original art no longer has to be snooty. Or intimidating.

In fact, you no longer even have to leave the bare walls of your home to buy some really great works. It’s all thanks to a site called Ugallery.com, where you can easily search for original pieces by medium, style, size or color palette.  And prices range from a budget-friendly $50 to an impress-your-credit-card-company $8,000.

You can even try the art for a week with a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t fulfill all your intellectual or aesthetic needs after the UPS guy brings it to your door.

We got lost in the site browsing through so many interesting concepts and eventually stumbled on our new favorite artist, Kelly Hutchison (aka Dark Vomit), who has a twisted sense of humor and an irreverence we love. Who wouldn’t want The Day the Giant Fire Breathing Chickens Attack San Diego (above) hanging in their dining room?

Ugallery.com makes it easy to start a dialogue with individual artists, chat live with a curator for expert advice, and even purchase gift cards for everyone in your life with horrible taste in art.

Let’s just hope they don’t use it to buy Since U Been Prawn.