Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gin & Platonic

We’re just lucky we were too scared to have sex with any of our many “girlfriends” over the years. Even though it took us a while to get the courage to officially come out as gay (it was such a shocker, really), we still knew that peeny plus vageeny was a dangerous combination.

We thought dating church girls would keep us safe, but damn if those bitches weren’t the horniest of all. Yet our relationships with straight girls have always been our favorites. We get so much more accomplished because we’re not busy wondering what she looks like naked, something that eats up hours of every day when there are men around.

So we’re excited to see one of our favorite reality shows return for a whole new season, with a brand new cast, in a completely new town. Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys moves to Nashville and features four truly interesting couples.

Our favorite cast member is a hot, self-proclaimed “Jesus Freak” songwriter named Shane (above with singer Sherrié). He’s absolutely gorgeous and worshiping him is our new religion. We’d be happy to get on our knees, but it wouldn’t be to pray. We can tell you that right now.

The show also features one of the most annoying gays ever, Brent. He’s the type of person who thinks it’s cute to show up late to everything then completely take over as center of attention. By the time he ends up on the roof with a gun at a charity party, it’s clear he’s the one we’re going to love to hate.

The best part of GWLBWLB is that it’s not censored. Some reality shows are all bleeps with little discernable dialogue. Here, it’s fun to hear the F-word fly!

And surprisingly, it’s not “Fag hag.”

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys Season 2
Premieres tomorrow night with back-to-back episodes.
9:00 p.m. Eastern