Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Queer, Kitty Kitty

A naked man can hold just about anything and make us suddenly want it. That’s why we had to stop subscribing to Playgirl. Every centerfold featured a nude dude “working”— baking cakes, fixing motorcycles, flying the space shuttle. You name it, we fell for it.

Why else do we have a storage unit filled with bundt pans, socket wrenches and ready-to-eat astronaut meals?

So it should come as little surprise that the new calendar, 6 Packs/9 Lives, has finally made us understand the appreciation of a big, hairy pussy over a slobbery little dog.

Until we got this calendar, we hated cats. They’re mean, finicky, and downright evil.

But now, Mr. April, his cat Nivo and Mr. December (above with Truffles) have shown us the error of our ways. Those gorgeous eyes. That sweet little mouth. Those rock-hard abs.

Just think if every animal shelter had hot men in the cages with the kitties? Adoption rates would go up by 600%!

Until then, this calendar from Found Animals, a Los-Angeles based non-profit organization, is ready to raise awareness of cat adoption. And it will surely do its share to get some felines in good homes. Proceeds from the sale go to cats and kittens already in shelters, so it’s not just a fun gift, it’s a feel-good gift.

And speaking of feel-good, we’ve got a date tonight with Mr. June and a bottle of lotion.

Because his cat, Nacho, looks really, really dry. What did you think we meant?