Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Smokin' Pot (Holders)

Like our great Uncle Joe used to always say, “There’s not enough nudity in the kitchen.”

Of course, that led to the great Thanksgiving disaster of 1983. Let’s just say that Ball Park franks aren’t the only wieners that plump when you cook them. But it had a happy ending after the whole thing fell off because he was much more pleasant as Aunt Josephine anyway.

Now, two “old hippie friends” (their words, not ours) out of Dallas have made both Uncle Joe’s and our dreams come true with their crafty line of handmade potholders, oven mitts and aprons featuring scantily clad models of both the beefcake and cheesecake varieties.

Featuring prints from the always-provocative Alexander Henry, they’re bringing sex appeal to everybody’s second-favorite room in the house. Homemade gifts are so in vogue this year, so why not let somebody else do the homemaking for you?

We met these two women at an art fair and they’re so hilarious that we just had to gay it forward and tell the world about their products. They’ve affectionately named each of the characters in their handiwork. Among their stable of studs: Buck the Cowboy (pictured above on a hot pad), Lance the Fireman, and Brad the Camper.

Their product descriptions even state, “buy one for your favorite queen.”

And for the lady-lovers on your list, you can always get a classic pinup like Betty or Kitty, the Island Girls. Because what better way to pull a chicken breast out of the oven than with a bare-titty mitt?

With Levi the Cowboy, that’s what. But as Lady Gaga might say, we’re biased that way.

$10 potholder
$20 oven mitt
$24 apron