Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Stick It In

Besides our uncanny ability to be witty, well-groomed and always at the height of fashion, there’s one other thing that makes gays stand out in a crowd: Our ability to serve wine and cocktails in the appropriate glassware and at the proper temperature.

Sure, it may seem simple, but we’ve been to enough straight-guy parties with warm Chardonnay in red plastic Solo cups to know that this is a national crisis.

Fear no more. There’s a solution called Corkcicle that forever solves the problem of serving white wine at the correct temperature.

Pull a bottle out of the fridge and leave it on the table—it gets too hot.

Put it in an ice bucket? Too cold. (And messy.)

But stick in a Corkcicle and it’s juuuuust right.

(Goldilocks would be so proud.)

Simply insert the Corkcicle into the freezer, then replace the regular cork after opening your favorite bottle of white. It keeps the wine at the proper temperature as long as it takes to kill the bottle (which for us is a matter of seconds).

Serving wine at the right temperature makes it taste better, too.

So raise a glass this holiday and toast to the end of poorly chilled wine. Then make sure to give one to every straight guy on your list.

Next year, we’ll work on getting them real wine glasses.