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iCloudy With A Chance Of Music

Congratulations! As readers of today’s story, you’re officially the first people in the world to learn of our soon-to-open iPod Museum. Sure, it’s in our garage, flash photography isn’t allowed, and admission is $300 per person, but it’s going to be a spectacular collection.

You see, ever since the first iPod launched, weighing in at a super-light 17 pounds, we’ve gotten almost every generation of iPod.

Hence, our shrine to digital music.

Once we got the iPhone, we figured our love affair with le Pod would end and we’d be faithful to one device. But like our need for a different color watch for every outfit, we have an iPod for every occasion.

The iPod nano for running. The iPod shuffle when we want to relinquish control. And the iPod classic when we’re trying to snag an older man.

And now, the newest iPod touch has become our go-to device for travel abroad. We’re too cheap to pay international call rates, so the iPod touch has all we need on vacation: our extensive music library, a great camera and a really great HD video camera.

Yet even when we’re not gaylavanting all over the globe, we still use it. Over wi-fi networks, we can video chat with FaceTime, old-fashioned chat with iMessage, and even store all our music, photos and more in the iCloud, so we can have the same content replicated across all our Apple devices (and we have plenty).

You really should look into the new iPod touch, but if you aren’t ready for a commitment to the latest technology and want to buy one of our old iPods at a great price, just stop by the museum on Wednesdays between 1:30 and 1:46 p.m., pay your 300 bucks, and take your pick.

We promise not to haggle.

$199 8GB
$299 32GB
$399 64GB