Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

In Your Face

When a crazed killer comes at you with a machete, you want to look cool.

When a boy wizards flies by you at lightning speed, you want to see every bristle on his broom in 20/20 clarity.

And when a cute dancing penguin has gotten on your last nerve, you want him to appear close enough to slap senseless.

Unfortunately, typical 3-D movie glasses make the movie-watching experience a real drag.

The cheap plastic smells of Chinese child labor. The lenses are often so crude that you get a headache after 30 minutes. And who really knows if they’re really new when you put them on or if they’ve simply put some sweaty ho’s used glasses in a new plastic bag.

Oakley, those masters of sunglasses has a stylish solution. They’re called Oakley 3D GASCAN eyewear. Put these on for any film shown in RealD (the new standard in 3D technology) and you’ll be guaranteed to be the most fashionable person in the theater.

But better than that, they’re optically correct 3D, which gives you the ultimate in clarity, comfort and performance.

3D isn’t going anywhere, so investing in your own glasses is a sound investment in sight.

We’re just waiting for Oakley X-Ray Specs to hit the market. Would sooo make working out at the college gym more enjoyable.

Available in white or black