Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Salty Balls

No, what you’re seeing in the photo above isn’t the result of Kermit’s catastrophic castration. (Though we wouldn’t put Miss Piggy past it.)

Instead, what you’re marveling at is one of our go-to host/hostess gifts for this holiday season. These great little lime-green orbs are actually squeezable salt-and-pepper shakers. Or squishable garlic-and-cumin dispensers. Or grope-worthy rosemary-and-sage releasers.

The only limit is your imagination (or lack of rudimentary motor skills).

From the ingenious design studios of Flip & Tumble, these spice holders are definite dinner-party conversation starters. Simply hold over your food and squeeze. When somebody across the table asks for the salt, roll it on down or slow-pitch it to them like a lesbian softball player.

And unlike clunky glass salt-and-pepper shakers of the past, when the party turns to impromptu lip-synching and table dances, these make perky (if tiny) fake titties for that extra bit of flair.

Talk about spicing things up.

Available in orange, black-and-white, and green (shown)