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Speaker of the House

For those about to rock, a regular mobile device alone just doesn’t cut it.

You need power. You need style. You need something that’ll make Katy Perry sound like she’s singing to you from inside your ear canal.

We know there are a lot of iPod/iPhone speaker docks on the market, but we really like the new Vitruvian from Coby. Not only do we dig the design, the sound is excellent for the size and price of the unit.

It charges your device while it plays your favorite songs, too, which is great because we feel like our phone and iPods are always dead when we need them most.

You can even use the cover flow feature while it’s plugged into the dock. And if you’ve got really good eyesight (and no TV), you can even watch tiny movies with gigantic sound.

There’s also a remote control, which comes in handy if you want to change to something sultry while taking a warm bath with friends but don’t want to be electrocuted to the croony-tunies of Adele because the unit was too close to the water.

It’s also nice for travel because so many in-hotel docking stations aren’t compatible with iPhones.

And even though it’s a little big to stuff in a stocking, it’s ideal for anyone on your list who loves to listen large.

$69.99 list price
$57.50 at amazon.com