Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Peace On Earth, Mercy Mild

Careful. That box of wine you’re about to drink with lunch could leave you feeling pretty awful when you wake up from your blackout nap.

And we know why.

We’ve uncovered some shocking research data and even though we don’t normally delve into serious topics, we’re ready to share the breaking news with you. (It must be the Barbara Walters panties we won on eBay that are inspiring our journalistic impulses.)

Alcohol leads to hangovers.

But what if there was something—say a magic potion in a can with a Bettie Paige-looking angel on the front—that would allow you to booze it up and feel bright as a magenta pansy in the morning?

Well, we think we’ve found it.

Mercy is a lightly carbonated, caffeine-free drink that has a blend of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants to help boost the body’s natural defenses and help flush out toxins before they wreak havoc.

The flavor is great because it’s so nondescript. They even say you can use Mercy as a mixer, so you’re getting your buzz on and your hangover off all in one sip. But we put it to the real test.

The claim is that one can of Mercy tackles up to five cocktails. So in the name of research, we had seven. Or nine. (Not sure if a Margarita Swirl counts as two drinks or one.)

And you know what? We woke up the next morning without a trace of a headache, which gave us the gift of an entire day of productivity. Because sitting down and watching 13 hours of recorded shows to clear up the TiVo memory is hard, hard work that requires a steady hand and a sober head.

$48.50/24-pack (Best Value!)