Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Frothy The Joe Man

Last year, our boyfriend surprised us by transforming the crawl space in our house into something special.

He picked up the rat carcasses, installed sheet rock, then painted the walls shades of Burnt Sienna, Mossy Ochre and Non-Confrontational Sage. Indie guitar music fills the sprawling, 3-foot-ceilinged area, as does Wi-Fi and short-legged sofas. And three days a week a 20-year-old guy with dreadlocks, a tattooed face and ear discs makes me a piping hot espresso.

It’s as if our boyfriend were tired of getting a $500 Starbucks bill on the credit card every month. So like any devoted longtime companion, he went all Nate Berkus and created a coffee shop in our home then unveiled it in a scene straight out of a Sandra Bullock romantic comedy.

Candles, a blindfold, the whole nine yards.

But the bitch forgot a milk frother. Like seriously? How can you make an expert coffee beverage without one?

Well, you can’t.

So, in a grand gesture of self-romance, we got our hands on a Capresso Froth Pro automatic milk frother. And like magic, our Folger’s Crystals taste like a $7 cup of love. The machine is the perfect companion to any coffee maker so you don’t have to shell out for a fancy machine that does everything.

The Froth Pro has three heat settings, an auto-off setting, a dishwasher-safe milk pitcher, and a patent-pending frothing disk for maximum froth.

Because as they say, froth big or go home. Even if that’s where your coffee shop is.