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A Long Winter's Nap

Being a dog can be exhausting. It’s not like people say, “Damn, I’m cat tired today. I’ve been working like a cat. I think I’ll poop in a box, scratch up the furniture and hiss for a while.”

So reward your good four-legged friends with a place to sleep that rivals your own pillow-top mattress and high thread-count sheets with a pet bed from Lazybonezz. (See how they did that? Their name has three z’s in it. As in zzz.)

The beds are modern and stylish and come in a variety of finishes. Each style comes standard with two fabric choices (you know, in case Pugalita favors giraffe print over “sand”). The fabrics are microfiber, which makes them easy to clean, too. And that’s a huge perk.

For multiple-dog households, the bunk bed (above) is the perfect addition to any well-appointed K-9 kids’ room. It’ll be just like The Brady Bunch (except now Bobby and Jan won’t be the only dogs).

Best of all, Lazybonezz beds are easy-to-assemble. Only two screws needed.

Which reminds us: Help prevent dog orgies. Have your pets spayed or neutered.

$399.99 for The Metropolitan (shown above)
$299.99 for The Madison


Use Code HOLIDAY for 25% Off



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