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Holiday Home Invader

If there are two things that always make us happy, it’s Santa Claus and scaring children. And now we’ve found a last-minute holiday surprise that combines both loves into one great gift.

It’s called icaughtsanta.com.

What a fun way to show your kids, nieces, nephews, simple-minded boyfriends or anyone really that Santa exists indeed.

Snap a picture of the room where Santa would leave gifts (most likely there’s a large lit-up tree in the corner). Pick a Santa from the options on the site (there are tons of different poses and expressions) and through the magic of the Internet, Santa is inserted into your photo.

You can even insert a video of Santa in your living room if the kiddies need more sophisticated evidence.

Poof! Instant proof that the fat man the kids heard in the living room on Christmas Eve wasn’t just another one of your tricks from the Bear Trap.

And even if you don’t have kids, who wouldn’t love a photo of Santa hanging out in their house? Although, in our version, he’s getting a surprise in a completely different room of the house.

That’s because we’re a bunch of ho, ho, hoes.

$9.99 – single photo
$24.98 – four photos and one video

Happy Holidays from everyone at Gay List Daily! We’ll be on vacation next week, so enjoy five of our favorite stories from 2011.