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It’s one thing to sleep around with other people’s boyfriends. It’s another thing altogether to put all the sordid details into print. Thankfully for all the other men’s and women’s boyfriends we’ve slept with, this isn’t Gay List Three Times Daily. Because that’s what it would take to reveal our sluttiest encounters over the next 13 years.

But we’re perfectly content to read about somebody else’s sexy misadventures instead. Makes us feel less whore-like. And one of our favorite gay bloggers, Totally Tyler, has just recently released a book called Your Boyfriend & Other Guys I’ve Kissed: The Tails of Totally Tyler.

And it’s not just a quick read, it’s a quickie read. There are telephone romances (detailing his marathon conversations), crazy dining stories (like eating a whole toothpick because he was too embarrassed to spit it out), and going on a trip to New Orleans and not bedding a stranger (something nearly impossible in this Deep South mecca of horned-up, drunken gay men eager for a night of rug-burned knees, beds that sleep five, and sending tricks home in soaking wet jeans because they were left too close to the post-party group shower session).

Totally Tyler’s writing style is effortless and conversational, with an emphasis on perfectly timed punch lines. Only here, they’re not jokes. They’re his life.

And he’s got one hilarious story, still in progress.

$17.95 paperback at
$12.95 for Kindle download

Read Tyler’s blog at



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