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Murder She Digitally Transcribed

If 1980’s old-lady supersleuth Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) were on TV today, she wouldn’t just be writing crime novels and solving murders, she’d be using the latest technology to her benefit. We’re certain of it.

In her arsenal would be specially formulated Metamucil that allows her to dust for fingerprints, a walker that turns into a jetpack and the Echo Smartpen from Livescribe.

Not only could she use the Smartpen to write her books long-hand on special dot paper and have her words digitally transferred to her computer in her own handwriting, she could also use the built-in microphone to record up to 800 hours of audio interviews with murder suspects, fellow mall walkers and Canasta opponents.

But this pen isn’t just great for granny gumshoes.

It’s ideal for classroom students of any age, restaurant servers who think they can remember your order correctly without writing it down (they never can) or entrepreneurs who think their drunken napkin-drawn inventions will actually make it back to their offices in one piece.

It’s 2012, people. And even though writing by hand is going the way of, well, TV shows about senior citizen detectives, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it alive a little longer with the magic of microchips.

Just like Lansbury’s bionic hip.

2GB model starts at $99.95