Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Snippy, Snippy, Snippy

There are three people we’re terrified of running into at our place of business.

1. Gordon Ramsay (because he’s mean and looks like he has really bad breath),

2. Carson Kressley (because that means he’s there to throw away all our clothes), and also…

3. Tabatha Coffey (because she too is quite mean, but we kinda secretly want to be abused by her in a weird kinky way).

Coffey is probably best known as the only bright spot to come out of the hairstyling reality show, Shear Genius, which turned into a stint as the host of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, which as of tonight morphs into simply Tabatha Takes Over.

Now it’s not just salons that will feel the pain (and glory) of her business interventions. She’s taking on dog hotels, bakeries and more to tell them what they’re doing wrong and make them better.

This is one lesbian we can’t get enough of. And in a bit of marketing serendipity (you know it’s total coincidence), her book It’s Not Really About the Hair just came out in paperback., where she can help you take over (drum roll, please) your life.

And as you might guess, it’s filled with more sass than a sassafras tree up a queen’s butt in a pride parade. Chapters include gems like: “F*ck Flying a Flag,” “The Boob Job from Hell,” and “’Shut the F*ck Up’ and Other Things that Are Okay to Say.”

She’s got some great tips about everything in life, not just beauty.

Plus, any woman that claims she has big balls is tops in our book. Well, our mind. We haven’t actually written a book. She has. And it’s now for sale.

Buy it.

or $10.98 at amazon.com

“Tabatha Takes Over”
Premieres tonight on Bravo