Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Son of a Batch

Enough with the New Year’s resolutions already. It’s January 11 and we’re ready for a drink.

A big stiff one at that.

Yet, like always, we’re on the hunt for something different, whether it’s a new spirit made from the sweat of angels or a gin guaranteed to make us wink 34% more each day.

Though our discovery doesn’t make any elaborate promises like that, it is one of the most noteworthy vodkas we’ve tried in 2012. (And yes, that’s from a list of more than 327. We told you we’ve been cutting back.)

Straight from the Lone Star State, Dripping Springs Texas Vodka has just introduced its first flavor – Dripping Springs Texas Orange. Sure, there are plenty of other citrus-infused vodkas out there, but their claim to fame is the first 100% natural-flavored vodka on the market.

Pretty impressive when so many flavored alcohols taste like they came from a science lab.

But tasting is believing. Whether on the rocks, or in a simple cocktail made with tonic or club soda and a lime, the orange flavor bursts on the palate.

It’s no surprise, because we’ve been fans of the regular vodka made in a little distillery outside of Austin for a couple years now. Made with pure spring water, their vodka is micro-distilled more than 20 times in small batches, which makes for an amazingly crisp, clean flavor that usually comes from spirits three times the price.

Dripping Springs Texas Orange is only available in a few states right now, but launching across the nation any time now. We wanted you to be among the first to know. You just might want to call a cousin or former cellmate in Texas to ship you a bottle until you can get it at your neighborhood store.

Bottoms up, y’all!

750ml $18.99 retail