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One Size Fits All

See that picture above? We know what you’re thinking: Damn, that’s a sexy piece of tire!

But you’d be wrong. Because it’s what goes inside it that’s sexy and in desperate need of protection.

We’re talking about your iPad. Kindle. The Speak & Spell from 1985 that you just can’t bear to part with.

Those devices are too expensive to leave to chance. Sure, half the fun of owning a tablet is showing it off to others, but it kind of loses its impact if you pull it out and there’s a giant crack up the middle. (Something we don’t like on anything or anybody.)

The best part of the Bodyguardz Universal Tablet Sleeve is that you can slip in your tablet then stick the whole case into your messenger bag, briefcase or Hello Kitty backpack. A scratch-proof lining protects your device and even helps clean off smudges a bit as you slide it in and out.

And because it’s universal, you don’t have to worry about buying a new case every time you upgrade your tablet computer, meaning this could very well be the last tablet case you ever buy.

At least until iHologram hits stores this spring.