Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hold Onto Your Seat

How many times has this happened to you? You participate in a mud run (insanity), a triathalon (are life jackets permissible?) or sprint through the grocery store to be the first to grab the cans of 49¢ sale tuna like it’s Black Friday and fish are TVs.

You get to your car and you’re dripping in perspiration. Some people are into that, but not us. We would work out in the shower if we could avoid that post-exertion moisture stench. Yet shower facilities aren’t always an option at the places we like to get hot and sweaty.

That leads to a major dilemma. Do you risk leaving that odor permanently embedded deep into the leather of your cute little BMW? Covering the seat in beach towels or a colorful Mexican serape may work, but that’s a pretty ugly solution.

Instead, save your car seat with the NeatSeat. It’s like grandma’s sofa slip cover, only less embarrassing.

The NeatSeat easily slips over your car seat and creates a microfiber barrier between the leather seats and your leathery body (you know who you are, SPF 2 sun worshipers).

Then when you get home to your beloved 13-nozzle rain shower, pop the NeatSeat in the washing machine and put it back in your trunk for use after your next outdoor adventure.

Trust us, you’ll get a lot more for your trade-in if the car doesn’t smell like an old sneaker.